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How It Works

KickDriver helps you motivate backers to spread the word about your campaign.

1. Set Your Goal

Set an awareness goal for your Kickstarter campaign so everybody knows you need help spreading the word.

2. Add Rewards

Offer incentives to backers for sharing. Reuse your Kickstarter rewards, offer exclusives, do a drawing... anything goes.

3. Tell Your Backers

Simply send your KickDriver link to your backers and we handle the rest!

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What's Included


All you need to create and run an awareness campaign in a few easy steps.

  • Analytics
    Easy Setup

    KickDriver's simple dashboard makes it easy to set up and launch your campaign in a few minutes

  • Analytics
    Automated Tracking

    KickDriver automatically tracks the clicks driven by your boosters across the web, and only real unique traffic counts towards booster scores.

  • Rewards
    Flexible Rewards

    Reuse your Kickstarter rewards with one click, or design your own rewards. Want to use rewards from older campaigns? Want to offer bulk amounts? Want to do a raffle? Be creative!

  • Analytics

    Real-time charts and metrics show you how many boosters are participating, and how much traffic each is driving to your campaign.

  • Analytics
    Optimized Sharing

    People share more when it's easy. You and your boosters can share your campaign with one click to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, email, Google+, LinkedIn, and more.

  • Analytics
    Collect Emails

    Access your booster's emails so you can communicate with them one on one before your Kickstarter campaign is over.

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Frequently Asked Questions


  • What are the benefits of using KickDriver?

    Running a KickDriver campaign has a wide range of benefits. By motivating backers to share, you spread more awareness about your project. You can activate backers who've already maxed out on their ability to pledge. You can reward your biggest supporters even more to show gratitude and build goodwill. You can collect email addresses of your biggest fans, and begin fulfillment early. Our sharing buttons are more optimized for clicks than the standard options on Kickstarter. You can use it to reward bloggers and media for sending traffic to your project.

  • What kinds of rewards can I offer participants in my KickDriver campaign?

    KickDriver allows you to be creative when offering rewards for sharing. You can simply reuse your rewards from your active Kickstarter project, or you can offer exclusives, leftover inventory from previous campaigns, bulk amounts, raffles... it's up to you.

  • What happens if I don't reach my Kickstarter goal?

    We make it clear to participants that the rewards are dependent on the project reaching the Kickstarter goal. You can still reward boosters for sharing if you feel inclined (remember, they are your fans and supporters).

  • What happens if I don't reach my KickDriver goal?

    The KickDriver goal is designed for motivation and benchmarking. If the awareness goal is not met but the Kickstarter project is successful, you should reward boosters who qualified for your rewards on KickDriver.

  • How does KickDriver track and monitor sharing?

    KickDriver provides sharing urls and social buttons to boosters in a lightweight dashboard. We use advanced click tracking on all links shared through our system, and ensure that only real people are credited as clicks.

  • What if someone is gaming the system?

    We have systems in place to prevent dishonest participants from being credited for rewards. When we notice bad behavior, we diminish scores and warn the participant. If they continue to violate the rules, we will suggest to you that you disqualify them from rewards. If you believe someone is behaving badly, feel free to email us at

  • How much does KickDriver cost to run?

    KickDriver offers two pricing options. Our most popular plan is a one-time fee of 0.5% (one half of a percent) of your Kickstarter project goal. We also offer a risk-free option for 1% of your Kickstarter goal, and a full refund if your Kickstarter goal isn't met. We also offer promo codes for people who say nice things about us on social media. :)


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